Wills says "Hi world!"

Peaceful chats with our nighttime NICU nurse, Pam. 

Wills is sleeping soundly, sweetly, perfectly…on me right now! Our 3rd night with him. Yep, 3rd night 🙂 and savoring each moment with this miracle boy. Also, falling in love all over again with my boyfriend/husband Walt. He’s given me butterflies more times than I can count in the last 60 hours.

Nurses coming by to pray over WLB. 

Neonatologist tearing up, sharing how our story has grown his faith.

He smells better than anything I’ve ever smelled… I make all the family that visits sniff his precious head.

Our room smells like a florist from all the flowers. 

God is here with us. We are living, breathing witnesses to His goodness. I’m trying to keep all the stories straight in my head and heart. Hope to share more later. There are SO MANY STORIES.

We prayed for physical healing but God’s perfect will. The second he came out of my stomach and I got to see him, I realized we received God’s perfect will and he was just that… PERFECT. 

Thanks for the prayers, y’all – pray we are good stewards of our time with him, his story and his life. We are chosen and thankful for this special calling! And pray we get some rest, too.

A few pics below… Night night. 

Ready to have a baby… 10.17.13

His 1 day birthday. 

My two handsome gentlemen. 

Snuggle time today with my little stud. Best 60 hours of my life so far.

Us four, full hearts… Our first full day with him. 


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