Loss. My least favorite four letter word right now. 

Wills went to be with Jesus today, right after his 15th birth day. He departed oh so peacefully, in my arms with Walt by my side…seemed pain free to me. I prayed his last minutes would be peaceful ones and they certainly were. 
Writing helps me. Don’t go holding me accountable for anything said in this post though…
Sweetest 15 days of my life. 
Taking 5 minutes at a time…advice from a good friend who has had more than her fair share of earthly loss. 
Tucked Fenley in with one of his blankets tonight 🙂
That mustard seed size faith I have…yeah, I’m pretty much leaning on that right now. Trusting with little or no understanding of how to walk this out but knowing God will faithfully carry us through. Isn’t that all we can ever do? 
I want to hold my sweet boy tonight. But I would rather him not be sick anymore. I really hate Trisomy 18 and what it did to his body. But if that’s what it takes to make me even more thankful for Heaven, and the work of Jesus on the cross…then okay. 
Good night, Wills…even though it’s always bright where you are. 

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