A Gathering

Walt and I both had the word “Gathering” pop in our heads this morning. So that’s what we are planning today 🙂

So many of you have reached out to us. Thank you is an understatement. Wish I could respond to each word with thoughtfulness but really just soaking in this day and knowing my baby boy isn’t sick anymore. He’s happy as could be and sent the clearest rainbow to our front door this morning. He and Jesus are showing off for us still and we are grateful. Our little over-achiever 🙂 he is healthier than any of us are, and I cling to that truth and my Savior…who can’t be taken from me. (Luke 10:42)
We plan to celebrate Wills’ life on Tuesday November 5th (the day Wills was scheduled to be born!) at 10:00AM at Pinelake Madison. 9:00AM visit and chat…
If God has used Wills to touch your heart and life, then come remember him with us. Really. I mean that. Even if we haven’t met in person. Come praise God with us!
This gathering is as informal as we can get…wear your personal favorite color 🙂 and come expecting to feel God’s presence because He is near. 
Instead of flowers, send a compassion kit to a child in need in honor of our Wills… More information:

Address for the celebration:
Pinelake Madison
223 Old Jackson Road
Madison, MS 39110

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