Gold Diggin’

Who knew a 44 second video of Wills breathing in the NICU could be such a treasure now. 

Who knew heartache could also be the greatest gift I’ve ever received. This road is lined with gold… God has made me linger long enough to pick up as many pieces as I can. I love gold digging 🙂
Also along this road I’ve met my heroes… You all know who you are. Fellow gold diggers. You’ve reached out to me to share your heartache and I say thank you. I’ve decided that heartache has no meter, whose is worse or whose is better. It’s just heartache at the end of the day. Y’all are part of my treasure here. Y’all inspire me to keep going because y’all are still going too…
A few people have mentioned they hope I keep blogging. I hope I get to keep blogging too 🙂 that’s a conversation I’m having with God lately. I want to keep writing, it helps me. So I hope He keeps inspiring me…because that’s the only reason I write. I pray I don’t get blind again in my excess. Blind to the gold in every day life. Must say… Wills made it pretty dang easy to see gold. But I know God will continue to meet me in this season of earthly loss and show Himself marvelous to me.
Speaking of gold… 
My friend Carly owns a store called BellaChes. She is the friend who keeps me stocked up on Little Debbie’s and cupcakes 🙂 not the kind of friend who just feeds you – she’ll pig out WITH you – sisterhood right there! Well, at this store is a jewelry line called Heather Moore that I am obsessed with. I have a necklace with a couple of charms on it telling “my story”. One charm from Walt with “Love” in all the different languages. One charm from my mom on my first Mothers Day that has “Fenley Grace” on it. I love my necklace… the day we planned Wills’ gathering I went by the store to hug their neck. I peeked in the Heather Moore jewelry case to start my wheels turning about what kind of charm I would custom order for Wills. 
And what do I see…but this in stock one of a kind piece…

That’s right. God had already ordered a custom piece just for me. A “Make the Days Count” charm with none other than FIFTEEN days marked off!!! Y’all!!! Please…someone pinch me 🙂 that’s how much God loves me.
And that’s how much He wants to meet you too. Just FYI 🙂 He wants to custom order you a charm for your necklace. He wants to let you get peed on. He wants to meet you where you are and lavish His love on you!
Let heartache sober you enough to see the gold… He’s right there. Accept His call to deep deep deep love with Him. Intimacy with Creator and created. Pray I keep accepting the call to deep love with Him too 🙂
On a lighter note…
Life is shifting into a new normal. I really loved my normal with Wills. How I treasure that 15 day normal! Goodness gracious.
Normal, right now, looks a lot like… Walt back at work but texting to check in a good bit. Fenley and me back to being “daytime buddies” as I like to call it. A lot of sitting in Wills’ room and smelling his hats and blankets. Me back to doing all our laundry…not sure how I feel about that one 🙂 Some tentative Holiday planning. Coffee drinking and donut eating. An excessive amount of looking at Wills’ pictures and videos. A good bit of sleep catching up…embarrassed to say we were all 3 in bed at 6:45 Friday night! And really just enjoying each other and Fenley, missing Wills and thanking God for 15 days 🙂 and some major “Wills story telling” too… If you come by, be prepared to listen. I may not shut up about WLB and the glory here. You’ve been warned.
Thanks for listening to this rambling gold digger 🙂 night night…


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