Hi there 🙂 long time, no blogging. I’ve been busy. Ok not really. Just pensive and content…

Ready to write for a bit.

Thanksgiving was awesome. We had the best holiday. We three Bowies hung here all day…almost botching lunch – to the point we called Cracker Barrel to see if they were open 🙂 thankfully it came together and was delicious! Here’s a pic of Walts half fried turkey…we didn’t buy enough peanut oil. Oops! We just stood outside and laughed at our poor half cooked turkey. We ended up flipping the turkey and it was fabulous – I think we are on to something.

Then we had friends over for the Egg Bowl. 5 kids total. It got crazy. But was the PERFECT kind of crazy. Here’s a pic of our parenting skills at their best… Movies and Cheezits.

Anyway, it was a really really really good day. The first Thanksgiving I think I’ve ever actually had real gratitude in my heart. Crazy, huh? That the first holiday after my son goes to Heaven is the sweetest holiday yet. Do I miss him? More than words. Can Jesus please hurry up and come? I internally beg that often. But God’s economy is upside down. Loss for a believer here means real life there. A potentially really sad day here turns into the sweetest day because of Gods promises… Wills’ real life is happening now. My life is the shadow. May I live this shadow of a life genuinely preparing and hoping for the real life coming. Where I’ll be reunited with my Wills 🙂 and even more…my Jesus. Glory. 

Glory. A word God has pressed heavy on my heart lately. So yesterday I started looking a little deeper. What do ya know…when you google it, a synonym is “marvel” 🙂 in two days of “studying” this word, He has shown me two verses so far…

“Then call on me when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me GLORY.”
Psalm 50:15

“Your godliness will lead you forward, and the GLORY of The Lord will protect you from behind.”
Isaiah 58:8


Glory: a thing that is beautiful or distinctive; a special cause for pride, respect, or delight.
plural noun: glories
“the glories of Paris”
synonyms: wonder, beauty, delight, marvel, phenomenon

Is it just me or does Glory seem to be something tangible? Not just some faint phrase of “God, get the glory”…but a real thing that the Heavenlies can see maybe? What if our lives send up real visible glory to Him? And what if He intimately knows the glory that each child gives Him? Beautiful thought to me…that He receives a tangible Glory from our obedience and trust. And that He adores the glory we give him. Just like I adored Wills’ smell 🙂 I am obsessed with the thought that the glory we give Him is a sweet aroma to Him on His perfect glorious throne!

Gosh. I tend to get really excited when it comes to God’s perfectly mysterious yet simple story… I adore that He lets us be a part of it. So undeserving, so graciously grafted in. I’ll keep y’all posted on my Glory study. If anyone else wants to nerd out with me about it, let me know and we’ll chat 🙂

Switching gears… Walt and I went to the movies a few nights ago. It was fun. We are more in love than we thought possible. He’s so cute! I actually feel like we are dating again…it’s crazy. I love it. After we got home and before bed, he found me crying in Wills’ room. And do you know what that strong sweet man did? He stood there and listened to me. Not a fake listening that men have perfected. But a genuine, tender listening…so guess what… I just kept talking 🙂 it was awesome. And he just kept listening. I tell him often I think he’ll have extra jewels in his Heavenly crown because he puts up with me so well. And lets me watch Sabrina every night as I doze off. True love, people!!!

I had coffee with a dear friend this morning. We come from completely different backgrounds and live completely different lives. Our life stories couldn’t be more opposite…and yet as we sat there and chatted, I realized we are absolute sisters. In Christ and our love for Him. Two women from broken roads that have merged onto a very sweet and narrow road with our True Love. Both learning to dance with our Savior in our own ways and sharing the joy of learning how to move our hearts with His. Glory 🙂

Learning to dance with The Lord. What a thought. Not always easy, but always beautiful. 

Have a good day, little world 🙂
Lauren Masa


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