Get to Work

Not a whole lot to say today 🙂 or any other day recently. God has me in the position of a student (aka on my knees desperately seeking Him). Great place to be. Wanna live here. 

Sweetest trust in Him. 
Back to baking full swing. First batch was pretty bittersweet. To think the last time I used all that equipment Wills was in my belly growing. The second batch was more fun and every batch since has been better and better. The verse God used to confirm baking again was in Haggai chapter 2…
“Then on OCTOBER 17th… The Lord sent another message… Be strong, all you people still left in the land. And now get to work, for I am with you, says The Lord of Heavens Armies. My spirit remains among you, just as I promised when you came out of Egypt. So do not be afraid.”
Haggai 2:1 and 4-5
Yep. Haggai is a book of the bible – just a really short book. And yep. October 17th is the day they were able to cross reference with Persian records to match our modern calendar. And yep. October 17th is also my sons birthday 🙂 And yep. His mama was praying for days about whether or not to “get to work” baking macarons again. And God led me to Haggai. Honestly didn’t even know it was in the bible. When I read that 2nd chapter intro, I could feel the Holy Spirit so strong. Literally felt like God was reading the scripture to me. Holy ground. I contemplated taking off my shoes. Seriously. Then realized I was already barefoot 🙂
So yeah I got back to work and took my first order and am having fun with it. All straight gifts from above. He loves us so much. 
Must admit, I feel pretty Proverbs 31ish when I bake 🙂 I know I’m not knitting clothes of purple linen to sell in the marketplace but I am using my hands to bake for The Lord and bless others and teach Fenley and also help out with a bill here and there. Pretty cool. And I thank The Lord for this sweet set up right now. All Him.
Praise You Jesus.
Love y’all.
Lauren Bowie 🙂

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