The Wills Macaron

I’ve got some bad news and I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some fun news.

The bad news is Walt is taking a trip without Fenley and me this fall.

The good news is Walt is going on his first mission trip. To Punjab, India.  He is headed there September 19th for 9 days.  Their group will be delivering compassion kits and sharing the Good News of hope in Jesus Christ. I’m so proud of him and yet incredibly nervous all at the same time about him leaving town for that long and being in India. But… Jesus is worthy and so he is getting out of his comfort zone and going.

Here’s the fun part…

When Wills went to Heaven, we felt it would be cool for people to donate compassion kits in Wills’ name to send to India.  Now here Wills’ daddy is heading to India to deliver some of those very compassion kits.  Excuse me while I grab a tissue and ugly cry.

Well, Wills’ mommy wants in on the fun, too.  Walt wants to raise his money to go. I thought I could help.

Here’s the plan…

I’ll be selling the “Wills Macaron” between now and September to help fund Walt’s trip.  The Wills Macaron will be baby boy blue with a little red heart on it in packs of 10 for $20. 100% of “The Wills Macaron” sold by Wills’ mommy will go to pay for Wills’ daddy to go to India to hand out Wills’ compassion kits 🙂 Sorry, I’m goobing out about this… I’m really excited.

Email me if you’d like to order your own 10 pack of The Wills Macaron.  There will be 5 vanilla and 5 chocolate per box. My email is (only one “o”) or send me a message through the blog.

Thanks for following our story and continuing to care!

Lauren Bowie



27 thoughts on “The Wills Macaron

  1. Lauren, I’d love to order a box for Father’s Day-the 10 pk! Such an awesome ministry! Let me know how to pay you and pick up order.

    Candace smith

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  2. Sharon Fitzpatrick
    Lauren, I am a friend of your Mom’s. Could you please send me the price, ordering & payment methods. I know that I would like 2-3 boxes!

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