Real Testimony

I know there’s a lot said about the church and Christians. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what the church (aka the body of Christ) does do, doesn’t do, should do, shouldn’t do, should say, shouldn’t say, should support, shouldn’t support.

Well, all opinions aside… I have a REAL testimony to share.

Y’all. Walts trip to India is 100% funded. With French macarons. Wills’ lil blue macaron is sending his daddy to India. I finally got to sit down last night and respond to (most) everyone. And realized once I sat down and did some math… The trip is officially overfunded. I can’t open the spreadsheet without crying. Marvelous. So now this outpouring of love is funding half of another traveler to go to India on this mission trip to spread the LOVE of Jesus.

The Author of Love is AT WORK… He’s bringing forth REAL fruit from his body of believers. He’s calling out REAL people to go to REAL places to share REAL hope and love with REAL people who need it, funded by YALL!!!

He’s using a REAL mom who just bakes cookies. Really?! Cookies are sending 1.5 people to India to share Jesus’ love?!?!?! What?! My heart can’t help but beam!!!

Only God could script the overwhelming response that we received from y’all. I seriously was not prepared and apologize for my delay in replying to some of you. Be patient with me as I organize all of these marvelous orders and fulfill them…baking as fast as I can!

Thanking God tonight for His call to REAL life with Him. And real life with awesome, obedient, seed planting Christians like you. Grace like rain, fall fresh on us…

And from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Walt with the first box of The Wills Macaron before it was picked up!



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