A Non-Update Update

I had a grand plan to not go a month without blogging. Oops 🙂

I feel like I should have some kind of update to share but I really don’t. Juicy stuff, huh?

Isn’t that the amazing thing though? About being a believer…that the mundane is fruitful, joy inducing and abundant.

Not pregnant with another baby. Not building a new house. No new cars or jobs. No major drama and no major headlines for us. Not anything spectacular to report…

But God. 🙂

There’s a divine contentment growing and I think that’s something worth reporting. In reality, its the ONLY thing worth reporting. Him. His work. His glory. His story. He has given me marvelous peace as I approach what would have been my sons first birthday. How does that happen?

How does He not only prove faithful but also takes tedious careful time to disprove doubts?

I. Love. Being. His. Wish I were better at it. Scratch that. His grace is sufficient for me.

Jan Moncrief told me a story about a lady she heard share years ago. The lady was battling cancer. And basically said… I don’t like cancer. But would I do it again to know Jesus the way I do now? Her answer was yes. That she would rather have cancer with her Savior than cancer free without Jesus. Amazing.

The Lord Almighty is so so worthy. Of our respect, our fear, our loyalties, our hearts, our trust, our everything. He CAN be trusted. Heaven is watching. Be found courageously trusting.

Wills Headline:
Packed up lil mans room a week or so ago. Was a very peaceful afternoon and spontaneous. Didn’t shed a tear. What’s up with that? Kept trying and they just didn’t come. My cousin Kenzi came over the next day and I cried a river showing her his stuff packed into 7 Wal Mart tubs and that made me feel more normal 🙂 We are turning it into a playroom for Fenley. She’s thrilled and so am I. Life is happening here… He doesn’t need a room in my house anymore. Maybe while I’m packing up and redoing his room, he’s watching mine under construction in Heaven. One thing I just couldn’t pack up was a tiny sea foam green hat that I loved him in. It’s now a night stand staple 🙂 not sure where to put it but seeing it every night and morning is nice. Baby steps.

Sharing our testimony in the morning. It’s downtown. Had this flood of memories in my closet tonight remembering getting packed to go downtown to have my sweet boy. Now I’m prepping to go downtown, deliver Wills macarons and share ten minutes of glory stories. Not sure what to say. May wing it. That’s scary if you know how awkward I can be or how bad I am about word vomit. Anyway, kind of a full circle moment, even though I hope to never come full circle with his story. Want it to just keep gooooooooooing forward.

Bed time for me. Hope to write sooner than a month from now next time. Maybe I’ll have an update or two. Or maybe I’ll just be singing the same beautiful song He has written on my heart.

Sweet dreams and get in The Word 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Non-Update Update

  1. HI Lauren! I don’t know if you would remember me or not, but I also went to MRA, several years ahead of you. 😉

    I heard you did a wonderful job at the DFA get together. I am one of DFA’s attorneys.

    I am so sorry to hear about your sweet baby Wills. Your testimony and spirit are truly beautiful, however.

    Aubrey Leigh


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