6 Months

Well…6 months ago today at 12:34PM on October 17th William Lamar Bowie entered the world. Happy 1/2 birthday little man. You are still my sunshine.

All in all it’s been a good day. I baked for Easter orders. Macarons and I did not get along today… Almost committed macaron murder about 33 times. It’s a love/hate relationship I have with those dang cookies. Seriously made more reject macarons than edible ones. But still had fun with my music on shuffle…I plead the 5th on whether or not I was really excited when “Ms. Jackson” came on.

Also Walt moved his real estate office home this week. He kindly reminded me today that when he’s up there, he’s working. He can’t come downstairs and “dilly dally” with us. This made me laugh out loud. Sweet man.

Highlight of my week…

Sutton Smith Boren was born on Monday to my dear friend Kimberly. She and I go way back. Best friends from grade school. I remember talking about angels with her in 3rd grade. We march to the beat of our own “so Heavenly minded no earthly good at times” drum. I was able to be there before and after delivery. Such soul food for my heart to be there with her at Baptist while giving birth to a warm baby… She has two babies in Heaven with Wills, Levee and Meadow. And Kimberly has done such a good job as a mommy that even Fenley knows about Levee and Meadow from her toddler Willow who talks about them all the time. This girl is pure gold. And now we get to spoil Sutton ROTTEN. I can’t wait to be fun Aunt Lauren to this chunky monkey. During her pregnancy we were praying that Sutton would make it to term. And I felt God whisper…pray that he knows me. So I’ll be Aunt Lauren that prayed he knows his true Father his whole life. And when he can’t ever get away with anything in high school, he’ll call me and say can’t you PLEASE stop praying I’ll always get caught. And I’ll say nope!!

Another highlight…

Apparently I’m really good at match making. I introduced my friend Lacy to her now boyfriend about a month ago. I texted her from a wedding we were at and said “I found you a Walt.” She came out with us, they met and she rolled her eyes a LOT… But he got her number anyway and here we are a month later and they are having a blast. Which makes me happy happy happy.

Safe to say life is always rich and always tough. Thank You God for your love so obvious in the tough.

I’ll let pictures do the rest of my talking… Good night, lovely little world.

First view of Mister Sutton Smith
Mini NICU Reunion with French macarons of course
Proud Dad
My first picture with Wills on his birthday exactly 6 months ago today.
How we celebrated tonight. Champagne and cupcakes.


Get to Work

Not a whole lot to say today 🙂 or any other day recently. God has me in the position of a student (aka on my knees desperately seeking Him). Great place to be. Wanna live here. 

Sweetest trust in Him. 
Back to baking full swing. First batch was pretty bittersweet. To think the last time I used all that equipment Wills was in my belly growing. The second batch was more fun and every batch since has been better and better. The verse God used to confirm baking again was in Haggai chapter 2…
“Then on OCTOBER 17th… The Lord sent another message… Be strong, all you people still left in the land. And now get to work, for I am with you, says The Lord of Heavens Armies. My spirit remains among you, just as I promised when you came out of Egypt. So do not be afraid.”
Haggai 2:1 and 4-5
Yep. Haggai is a book of the bible – just a really short book. And yep. October 17th is the day they were able to cross reference with Persian records to match our modern calendar. And yep. October 17th is also my sons birthday 🙂 And yep. His mama was praying for days about whether or not to “get to work” baking macarons again. And God led me to Haggai. Honestly didn’t even know it was in the bible. When I read that 2nd chapter intro, I could feel the Holy Spirit so strong. Literally felt like God was reading the scripture to me. Holy ground. I contemplated taking off my shoes. Seriously. Then realized I was already barefoot 🙂
So yeah I got back to work and took my first order and am having fun with it. All straight gifts from above. He loves us so much. 
Must admit, I feel pretty Proverbs 31ish when I bake 🙂 I know I’m not knitting clothes of purple linen to sell in the marketplace but I am using my hands to bake for The Lord and bless others and teach Fenley and also help out with a bill here and there. Pretty cool. And I thank The Lord for this sweet set up right now. All Him.
Praise You Jesus.
Love y’all.
Lauren Bowie 🙂

The Macaron

Walt and I met with Jeff Redding a few days ago. We love this guy. He has been so good for our hearts and heads in this season. Seriously have never met anyone that can unpack truth so clearly. Add him as a friend on Facebook and message him your dilemma – okay I’m kidding. Don’t do that. But really…everyone needs a Jeff Redding in their life. And I hope he knows he’ll never get rid of us 🙂 but hopefully he won’t be our lifeline call every time we have a fight that goes from 0 to 60.

And yes… We still fight like cats and dogs. But it’s different after Wills. We get to the point a lot quicker and are much more tender with each other. After we lost Wills we heard 75% of marriages that lose a child end in divorce 😦 Jeff said: that’s how the world reacts, can tell you 100% of the marriages that both partners turn to Jesus make it 🙂 he also said a lot of couples are two people on auto pilot tolerating each other. He’s coaching us on how to be one…in life, in loss, in anger, in love…I love learning to be one with Walt Bowie. He’s the steady to my rollercoaster. 
Alright. New Years was tough. Didn’t want to say goodbye to the year that I had Wills. However, felt like I couldn’t get to 2014 fast enough. How was New Years harder than Thanksgiving and Christmas? Didn’t see that one coming. But now here we are 3 days into 2014 and finding myself very tended to in Jesus. More so than ever before. He’s with me and I’m thankful.
He’s teaching me… He is so so so HOLY. Like wow, speechless, take your shoes off, you’ll die if you even see my shadow HOLY. And He is Love. And He wanted to “come near” to me and you so badly but couldn’t because of our rotten filth and flesh that He sent His precious Son so He could adopt us. Life changing revelation takes place as we meet the One True Savior. Keep asking, seeking, knocking on His door from a true humble heart and He WILL show Himself to You. Ask for eyes to see and a heart to learn. Pray that I’ll continue to ask for the same thing. 
I’m saying hello to the French macaron again. Thanks to Lois Miller (whom I’ve never met), who called me today asking if I was still baking. Then started crying mid conversation sharing how much she has prayed for us and been encouraged by our story. On Sunday I’m attempting my first batch. I haven’t baked them since April. . IF – and it’s a big IF – I don’t botch them, then I’ll be back in business I do believe. We shall see. Keep y’all posted 🙂 

A moment of gratitude… Thank You Lord that what’s next is SO GOOD! Reading the book “Heaven” has helped me see. If the enemy can convince us that Heaven is a ghostly place that isn’t a real reality then we won’t be motivated to get there, much less want to take people with us. I’m learning that Heaven is the REALEST REAL. We live in the shadow now… basically all on life support straight from You until our days here are complete. Praise You Jesus for access to eternal life because of Your work and obedience to Your Father. Deep breath of contentment 🙂 I was found guilty. I was acquitted in Christ. And now I am being sanctified daily. 

Well, as the preacher man said on Sunday…2013 was the year I saw The Lord. Here’s to 2014. And maybe some French Macarons 🙂


Some macarons from when I started. My sixth love. The Lord, Walt, Fenley & Wills and family are my first five of course 🙂 really excited to try these babies again. They’re really ticky. Wish me luck 😉


Annnnnnnnd gotta throw in at least one picture of Wills 🙂