Lots of celebrating going on at the Bowie house lately. Lots to celebrate. Birthday candles laying everywhere. Campbell’s cookies. Chocolate and red velvet cupcakes. A Lisa Hill cake. A homemade caramel cake. Sugar cookies. Walt asks what I want for dinner… I pause, thinking of that double chocolate fudge cupcake I just scarfed down and wonder if there is evidence in my teeth 🙂 

I’m still getting peed on. Even got some spit up last night!
I’m getting to give him the best milk I can! Doctor told us breast milk is like medicine to his sweet body. Made me HAPPY!
We had a pallet party tonight and I got to read him The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 
We watched Elf the other night together while I ordered our four Christmas stockings. Old School Walt requested needlepoint…can’t wait to post a picture once they come in. 
We have celebrated 12 birth days. Wow. We were prepared for 12 minutes. Marvelous provision…
He’s been home from the hospital so long that we’ve had hospital visitors come by! Jeff Redding pointed that out to us 🙂
I ordered birth announcements today. They’re so stinking cute. Way over budget but Walt obliged his excited wife. 
Wills is such a peaceful baby that he allows us to get rest. It’s a blessing. I’ve never seen such sweet sleep in all my life.
Confession: I still haven’t washed my peed on tank top! Or the outfit I went to the hospital in. Or any of his blankets. They just all smell so good!
Wrapping up… Wills’ physical life is probably going to be much shorter than my heart wants to allow. But I just need to say this… Because of Jesus and what He has done in my heart through Wills, I will never stop looking for marvelous. He will always live on in my heart and in my search to dig up gold and find the marvelous. We serve a marvelous God, who marvelously blesses His children and I will never stop looking for or talking about the marvelous things He has done for me. 
Good night! Time to feed my Marvelous Fighter…
The Bowie boys. Can’t keep em awake!
Walt cooked me dinner!
Too many blankets I know…he was just so comfy!
Digging up marvelous… The Word is alive!
Getting to empty the diaper genie! It’s the little things 🙂 
Walt went back to work and I didn’t lose it! He was back in two hours 🙂
Fenley insisted on touching his nose…
This mama’s boy says Good Night!


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