6 Months

Well…6 months ago today at 12:34PM on October 17th William Lamar Bowie entered the world. Happy 1/2 birthday little man. You are still my sunshine.

All in all it’s been a good day. I baked for Easter orders. Macarons and I did not get along today… Almost committed macaron murder about 33 times. It’s a love/hate relationship I have with those dang cookies. Seriously made more reject macarons than edible ones. But still had fun with my music on shuffle…I plead the 5th on whether or not I was really excited when “Ms. Jackson” came on.

Also Walt moved his real estate office home this week. He kindly reminded me today that when he’s up there, he’s working. He can’t come downstairs and “dilly dally” with us. This made me laugh out loud. Sweet man.

Highlight of my week…

Sutton Smith Boren was born on Monday to my dear friend Kimberly. She and I go way back. Best friends from grade school. I remember talking about angels with her in 3rd grade. We march to the beat of our own “so Heavenly minded no earthly good at times” drum. I was able to be there before and after delivery. Such soul food for my heart to be there with her at Baptist while giving birth to a warm baby… She has two babies in Heaven with Wills, Levee and Meadow. And Kimberly has done such a good job as a mommy that even Fenley knows about Levee and Meadow from her toddler Willow who talks about them all the time. This girl is pure gold. And now we get to spoil Sutton ROTTEN. I can’t wait to be fun Aunt Lauren to this chunky monkey. During her pregnancy we were praying that Sutton would make it to term. And I felt God whisper…pray that he knows me. So I’ll be Aunt Lauren that prayed he knows his true Father his whole life. And when he can’t ever get away with anything in high school, he’ll call me and say can’t you PLEASE stop praying I’ll always get caught. And I’ll say nope!!

Another highlight…

Apparently I’m really good at match making. I introduced my friend Lacy to her now boyfriend about a month ago. I texted her from a wedding we were at and said “I found you a Walt.” She came out with us, they met and she rolled her eyes a LOT… But he got her number anyway and here we are a month later and they are having a blast. Which makes me happy happy happy.

Safe to say life is always rich and always tough. Thank You God for your love so obvious in the tough.

I’ll let pictures do the rest of my talking… Good night, lovely little world.

First view of Mister Sutton Smith
Mini NICU Reunion with French macarons of course
Proud Dad
My first picture with Wills on his birthday exactly 6 months ago today.
How we celebrated tonight. Champagne and cupcakes.


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