Hungry + A Bible Study

Hi there. Hoping everyone’s week is off to a good start. And if not, maybe the latter will be better than the former. Walt took us to lunch yesterday and Fenley – who is going through an “attitude growth spurt” as I will call it – was all over the place. I looked at Walt and said if this were Friday… I’d be cracking. Mondays are good days for me because it’s a new leaf. Fresh start. New lists. And I’m one week closer to Jesus, God and Wills. Sound morbid? I used to would think so. But have graciously been taught it’s actually the opposite. The bible is clear that Heaven is our forever home and we should long for it passionately while being fruitful and walking with Love Himself here too… (Psalm 84). That’s when I’m thankful to be walking this story. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone in the flesh but in the greatest reality, Wills is so healthy and happy. And has fought his good fight and finished his race in just 15 days. Proud mama.

Texting with my cousin last night. Both pondering certain aspects of life. And being weary. And ole melancholy me said… Do you think this is just part of life here? To be weary? To make us long for Jesus and Heaven even more? And light hearted Kenzi said joy is a promise here, too. And ole melancholy me was like…. Oooooooh yeah. Joy. Hmm.

So I started thinking. Weary. Wanting joy.

And woke up to this verse today in my email:

“Jesus answered, ‘It is written: Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'” Matthew 4:4

Bread of Life Himself said that. I tend to treat the fruits of the Spirit like McDonalds. Chop chop. Hurry up. Need some peace. Need some kindness. If I spend any time thinking about what to put in my earthly body and preparing it, how much more should I prepare my heart to be pruned and poured into by Creator God?! I believe He is showing me that my spiritual feast with Him while on earth will be directly related to me humbly seeking Him through His word and trusting Him…

“Open your mouth wide and I will fill it with good things.”
Psalm 81

Psalm 34 says even strong young lions sometimes go hungry but those who trust in The Lord will lack no good thing.

Trust. Goodness gracious. Still learning that one minute to minute. No exaggeration.

So speaking of food…

I’m starting a bible study a la casa de Bowie 🙂

So far I know it’ll involve coffee, macarons and Jesus. Probably a bible study that we will watch and then have homework from. Likely to be a Beth Moore study as that woman is so legit in my book. I heard her say once that in her mid 30s she couldn’t get through the grocery store without her note cards with scriptures on them. Some people would call that a mental illness. I believe that’s just a really hungry, needy woman who knows the source of all True Sustenance. Getting to know Love Himself as the Bread of Life.

If you’re interested in a bible study let me know. You can send me a message through the blog or email me at We live in Madison out Highway 463. I’m not sure if it will be at night or mid morning but probably mid morning on a week day.

Happy Tuesday!

A few ways we are keeping little man relevant in our home. Love seeing reminders of him throughout my day.









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