I can barely hold my eyes open as I type this. So tired this week. Beyond ready for a long weekend with zero plans.

Busy last week too. So busy that I barely read or spent any quality time with Jesus. So when I picked up my bible after a few days (I could tell my spirit was so hungry!) I was expecting to feel guilt and a disconnect. Instead, I felt refreshed and encouraged. And He was like…I love you. I’m your dad. I’m not going anywhere. And I was like…. Ohhhhhhh yeah, I serve the Author of Grace. Sweet fellowship. When I think of Him as Grace Giver and not Guilt Giver, wild horses (usually) can’t keep me from picking up my bible when I get a free moment.

“My heart has heard you say, ‘Come and talk with me.’ And my heart responds, ‘Lord, I am coming.'”
Psalm 27:8

Bible study update: Children of the Day by Beth Moore is the study. Starting Tuesday June 3rd at 5:45. Email me for directions or more details. Gonna be awesome.

Just wanted to give a little update about my first farmers market as a vendor. I felt very official 🙂 and I sold out in an hour and twelve minutes! Walt Bowie told me I could open a bakery if I sold out in an hour…missed it by 12 minutes. Haha. He was relieved. And proud of me. Which makes me happy.

Here are some pictures of my booth. Meagan Babb, a fun friend with great taste, printed my logo as stickers and also did calligraphy for my flavor cards. I can usually give her about 3 words and she knows exactly what to do. Love that about her work.

From a tired, encouraged, powdered sugar covered mama…good night!!!











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